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Patented System

The advantages of a gentle pressing action in a compact version.

The lens-shaped pneumatic presses complete the Della Toffola range with models that are particularly easy to use.
They are ideal for small quantities of product and can be used even in wine cellars where space is limited.

The pressing action is always gentle, always giving rise to a top-quality strained product.

The two lens-shaped membranes are installed on the ends of the drum and, when they are inflated, they expand towards the drum’s center, pressing simultaneously all over its interior.
This means a gentle crushing action and a consequent release of the liquid contents.
The membranes are attached by means of a device that makes them easy to wash and service.
The must strains through the whole inside surface and is carried through circular – or rather circumferential – perforated grids.

There is no troublesome clogging to reduce the output of the press and demand laborious servicing: with this type of grid the flow of the must ensures that the holes through which the fluid drains remain patent.

All the models incorporate a device for inflating/deflating the membrane.

Thanks to the extremely flexible and user-friendly automatic programming system, there are no limits to the type of product that can be pressed.
At the end of the working cycle, the press can quickly unload the grape marc.
The washing procedure is also facilitated by a large hatch that makes it easier to access the inside of the drum.
Underneath the press there is a tank for collecting and transferring the must coming from the drum.

Models from LT 3 to LT 14.