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Della Toffola equipment is producing high quality solutions for many small and large wineries and vineyards, throughout Australia and New Zealand;

VinLink in Marlborough, New Zealand, is one of the greatest winemaking businesses in the region.

Della Toffola has supplied the whole grape crushing and pressing system comprising six collection tanks, three NDC 100 crushers, 3 PEC 200 and 3 PEC 240 presses, as well as a complete refrigeration system for the wine’s thermocooling treatment. This is a very large-scale plant with an initial production capacity of 100 tons of grapes per hour, designed to cope with the whole of the predicted grape harvest in 2013, which is estimated at 13,000 tons. This is a great result for Della Toffola Pacific: the company has worked alongside VinLink at every stage of design and construction, also with a view to a subsequent expansion of the plant (already planned) that will increase its production capacity to 3,000 tons a day.

Central Membrane Press

The Yalumba Wine Company, Constellation Brands/Stanley Wines, Victorian Alps Wine Co/Gapsted Wines, Links Winery, Jackson Estate, Casella Wines, Clonakilla.


Kingston Estate, Montana.


Links Winery

Ceramic Membrane Cross Flow Filter

Australian Vintage Wine Group/McGuigan Wines, Angoves, Casella Wines, Shaw & Smith, The Yalumba Wine Company, Nautilus Estate

A selection of comments our customers have made regarding Della Toffola equipment solutions:

Della Toffola Filtration

“The old system required wine filtration in the cellar through diatomaceous earth and filter pads. This has been eliminated so that we do not do any filtration of finished wines in the cellar. We have also eliminated two filtration steps at bottling. The cross flow has simplified the operation by eliminating four filtration stages and one wine movement. We see savings in wages and consumables to justify the extra capital cost. The real test will be the life of the membranes, which we believe could exceed 10 years. We can have wines ready more quickly for bottling lines if they are ahead of schedule, and don’t have four cellar operators running earth filters.”
Alan Kennett – Winery Manager
Casella Wines

“(The Della Toffola CFKA30 system) has several main advantages over filtration systems we have used in the past. There are no messy filtration mediums such as earth or pads, there is less waste of product, and it’s fully automatic. Another main benefit is better retention of colour and wine structure compared to alternative filters.”
Brett Bermingham – Cellar Supervisor
Nautilus Estate

Central Membrane Presses

“I have found these presses to give a better over-all juice yield (a greater percentage of this yield being retained before a press cut is made), lower phenolic pick up, and a significantly shorter pressing cycle to achieve these parameters, than traditional membrane presses that I have worked with.”
Kel Dixon – ” Chief Winemaker
Links Winery

“Casella Wines have significantly reduced the pressing cycle time through the use of Della Toffola central shaft membrane presses. Using 3 presses per crusher the cycle time of three hours to fill, press, empty and clean allows us to have the quality advantages of membrane presses with the efficiency of continuous rather than batch processing.“
John Casella -” Managing Director
Casella Wines

“The Della Toffola central membrane press is different to a standard press and the performance of the technology is evident and aligned to improved wine quality. The main economic benefit is that you are able to produce more as a result of the speed of operation whilst providing tangible benefits over many years.”
Alan Hoey – “Winery Manager
The Yalumba Wine Company

“Regarding our PFC200 Della Toffola purchased and installed for the 2009 vintage, I can personally say that the press met our expectations.”
Rob Godwin – General Manager
GisVin Ltd

“What we really like about the central airbag design is that it can extract really high quality juice at very low pressures, and particularly for the reds, the resulting fine tannins are one of the critical factors for us.”
Tim Kirk – Winemaker / General Manager