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For ultra-high-speed clarification.

Using flotation enables a very rapid clarification of musts and juices before they undergo fermentation or concentration processes.

The must coming from the pressing line is immediately treated with a pectolytic enzyme to reduce its viscosity by breaking down its complex colloidal reticular structure. The time it takes for the enzyme to take effect varies according to its dosage, the temperature and the quantity of solids in the must. With Della Toffola flotation systems the ongoing addition of adjuvants, such as bentonite, gelatin, or silica sol, is always assured.
The liquid is then saturated with nitrogen or air, and the tiny bubbles that form promptly entrain all the solids in the must towards the surface of the tank.
The flotators enable the lees to be separated from the must as quickly as possible, thus exalting the aromatic content of the future wine because it is fermented in absolute purity thanks to the marked reduction in the level of polyphenols and other substances that, with time, could make it unstable.

There are three different versions available.