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Pneumatic presses with a central membrane.
Pressing has always had a fundamental role in obtaining quality products to meet the needs of the market.
Della Toffola was the first to make certain fundamental advances in winemaking technology and can now offer a range of presses with innovative characteristics.
These are pneumatic presses with a central membrane, the outcome of accurate studies to obtain a gentle separation of the must from the grape skins with a very limited disruption of the fibers and a minimal production of lees, making gentle pressing an increasingly indispensable characteristic of quality wines.

In the Della Toffola presses, the membrane is installed on the central shaft so that, when it is inflated, it presses against the whole inside surface of the drum, not just half of it as in other types of press, thus doubling the must straining surface area.

This solution offers numerous important advantages that are now well known and much appreciated:

the straining surface area is doubled for the same size of press
the time taken to complete pressing step is consequently halved
the working pressures are drastically reduced
fewer pressing and crumbling cycles are needed and the production of lees thus becomes negligble
inside the press the product is distributed in a thin, even layer
the must drains from all over the surface of the drum
Thanks to these features, the quality of the must improves considerably because the crushed grapes are exhausted at a lower pressure and with fewer pressing and crumbling cycles.
The pressing stage begins with alternate cycles of low-pressure compression (around 0.2 bar) and crumbling or remixing.
Already about 60-70% of the must is strained during this phase.
Using the Della Toffola presses, the enologist can adopt numerous preloaded automatic programs or customize the working pressures and times with ease.
The central membrane is made of top-quality, highly-resistant, non-toxic fabric.
The press is made mainly of AISI 304 stainless steel.
The machines are tested in accordance with the pressure equipment directive (PED).
The Della Toffola pneumatic presses come in various versions to suit every customer’s needs:

open tank
standard closed tank
closed tank with inert atmosphere
closed tank with lens-shaped membranes