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A unique and innovative system.

The main goals of thermovinification (vinification using heat) in the case of red grapes are:

– To extract the colouring matter (anthocyanins) with a copigmenting effect and thus increase the intensity of the wine’s colour.

– To extract the noble tannins that guarantee the stability of its colour over time.

– To destroy all enzymatic activity, which is extremely useful in the processing of mouldy grapes.

– To reduce the need to use fermenting agents for vinification in the liquid phase.


To achieve these goals rapidly and continuously, Della Toffola has fine-adjusted a thermovinification system that is a unique innovation in this field, obtaining the above results and ensuring:

– Maximum respect for the product, which preserves all its particular features.

– Shorter treatment times.

– Genuinely limited operating costs.

– Continuous processing cycles.

The BioThermo system represents a new, fundamental tool for the enologist, because the rapid heating of the crushed grapes weakens the structure of the grape skins, expanding the vacuoles and ensuring a consequently rapid and effective extraction of the colouring substances required.

After steeping for only 45 minutes, vinification can proceed without the skins in normal tanks, with no need for complex machinery. This is enabled by the fact that the colouring compounds in the must have already been perfectly stabilised.

The BioThermo unit can be combined and completed with the Cooler, thus creating a completeBioThermo/Cooler system that enables:

1. A rapid heating of the grapes

2. An instantaneous expansion of the grapes under a forced vacuum.

Advantages of the complete system:

– It makes use of high temperatures to inhibit harmful enzymes (polyphenoloxidases, laccases).

– It makes the cell walls fragile and thus facilitates and speeds up the diffusion of the macromolecules, such as:
– Anthocyanins, responsible for colour.
– Tannins, responsible for structure.

– Volatile compounds: aromas and their precursors.

– The crushed grapes are cooled immediately, which allows for a prompt pressing with membrane machines.

This procedure also enables the user to make the best of the fermentation tanks, by considerably reducing the steeping times.

Models from 1.5 to 60 ton/h