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MOVIRO systems are manufactured by DT Separtech, a member of the Della Toffola Group, using spiral-shaped membranes of its own production for ultrafiltering, nanofiltering and reverse osmosis.
They come in manual, semiautomatic and fully automated versions. They are  made of AISI 304 – 316L steel with Viton – Silicone linings.
They are user-friendly systems and none of the models require an operator in attendance at all times.
The systems have limited overall dimensions and the power installed and specific power consumption are also limited.
The permeate extraction capacity of the standard MOVIRO system starts from 100 lt/h and goes up to 2800 lt/h, while the maximum instantaneous concentration achievable is in the range of 40% to 70%.
DT SEPARTECH can also provide spiral-shaped polymer membranes suitable for:

  • water extraction
  • water and sugar extraction
  • extraction and neutralization of green tannins, pyrazines and ethyl phenols
  • extraction and neutralization of malic, lactic, tartaric or acetic acids, total acidity and various excess acids
  • dealcoholation
  • reduction or elimination of molecules that generate unpleasant smells (Brettanomyces)
  • anthocyanin concentration
  • concentration of polyphenols and extracts
  • alcohol concentration
  • continuous tartaric stabilization
  • decoloration

Moviro models range from 1 to 24 modules