Manually discharged ECP & FSB filters View Brochures

Thanks to the way in which the filter is made, cleaning only requires a jet of normal water and the chute provided.
Made entirely of stainless steel, including the feed pump, piping and valves, and the frame, which is mounted on wheels.
A complete system for dosing the kieselgur using a piston pump with an adjustable flow rate and incorporated electric agitator, and a stainless steel dosing pump.
Electric control panel complete with all the controls and safety devices needed for safe reliable use.

ECP filter: this model assures a quick and easy cleaning of the filter pack, by removing the vessel and then simply tipping the filter pack: moreover, a normal jet of water is all that is needed for cleaning, avoiding any damage or wear on the filter disks.
Models with a capacity of 2 and 3 m².

FSB filter: Unlike the ECP model, in this version the tipping of the vessel to clean the filter pack is controlled by pistons. Once the vessel has been tipped, it is easy to open because it slides on a guide rail provided.
Models with a capacity of 3 and 5 m².