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Filters for applications in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries

Automatically and manually unloaded filter presses
suitable for process filtering in the chemical, pharmaceutical and foodstuffs industries, and generally for compacting slurry.

Filtering stations for slurry
coming from water treatment systems these stations come complete with reactors, mixers, automated systems for preparing and dosing various substances (e.g. polyelectrolyte, lime milk, acid solutions) and feed units. The resulting filtering stations are suitable for use in the following sectors:

  • for treating civil and industrial waste water with solids in suspension, coming from community biological or chemical-physical water treatment systems, textile industries, leather tanning industries, paper industries, preserving industries, dairies, mechanical, galvanic and steel processing, paint manufacturing, anodizing processes, and also in the mining and quarrying sectors, to process aggregates, marble, and in wine cellars. The filter presses ensure the separation of the solids from a liquid that emerges from the filter clear, while the cake retaining the waste has a high proportion of dry matter;
  • industrial filtering in the chemical and pharmaceutical sector, ensuring a high proportion of dry matter in the filter cakes, suitable for use when a mechanical separation of the liquid from the solid is required, without adding any adjuvants.