Of holy grails and high tech

TOUTED as ‘the holy grail of wine filtration’ the Della Toffola Omnia Series filter took pride of place on the company’s stand at Winetech. Managing director Paul Baggio was on hand to talk Food & Drink Business through the key features.

“This technology is a really big step forward for the wine industry,” Baggio says. “Its design advantage is that it can process automatically, with good flow rates, juice and wine lees, flotation solids, and most importantly, the wine too.

“So, when the filter is not recovering high solids and lees, the same wide-bore channels can be used to filter wine – one filter can clarify and separate lees, the same filter can filter wine.”

Baggio notes that the whole membrane module can interchange to a wine-specific membrane module.

“This makes the Omnia series cross-flow filter an everyday solution for the winery,” he says