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Filtering machines for sugar solutions containing solids in suspension and in the case of bleaching agents such as powdered carbon being used (concentrations up to 65°Brix and temperatures up to 85°C), or for fine filtering or for safety purposes prior to bottling.

Horizontal disk version with centrifugal dry discharge, used mainly for the fine filtering of hot solutions (80-85°C) containing carbon powder; systems consisting of two filters are normally installed for a continuous filtering process at a constant flow rate with a fully-automated unloading and disposal of the filter cake and washing water.

Thanks to their design and operating features, these filters are particularly suitable for treating large volumes of liquid with a low percentage of solids in suspension and for polishing and finishing processes

The exclusive, widely-appreciated horizontal disk system, which has always been used for the filters in our production range, in combination with the centrifugal emptying of the filter cake have marked a genuinely important milestone in filtering technique. Now all these features come together in the “NF” series.

When it comes to maintenance, these filters require only minimal servicing times and a limited use of tools, which translates into obvious advantages in their operating economics. The filters are made in accordance with the pressure equipment directive 97/23/CE.

All the filter parts are made of AISI 304 stainless steel, while the reduction gears and electric motors are protected with acid-proof epoxy paint.

Models from 5 to 50 m².