Filters with outside filtrate extraction pumps View Brochures

This version of vacuum filter with pre-coating is characterised by a particular method for extracting the filtrate.
The filter has been designed and manufactured according to modern, rational criteria, thereby facilitating the operator’s job and assuring full control over all the components, while also making routine servicing easier; in fact, servicing can even be done by unskilled personnel.
All the models are mounted on wheels so they are easy to move into position for the period of the year when they are in regular use, but equally easy to set aside when they are not in use.
This solution is particularly appreciated by winemakers with relatively small wine cellars, because the standard accessories of this single, compact machine include the pumps for delivering the product, extracting the filtrate, creating the vacuum, and mixing the kieselgur.

Models from 2.5 to 6 m².