Cross flow filters with spiral membranes View Brochures

The MTW filters are manufactured by DT Separtech, a company in the Della Toffola Group and they rely on spiral membranes for micro-filtering that are made in-house, using polysulfone, polyether sulfone, and polyvinyldene fluoride. These membranes enable a total retention of the suspended solids, microorganisms, colloids and components with a high molecular weight contained in the product being treated without modifying any of its initial parameters.

Using the spiral membranes manufactured by DT SEPARTECH the filtered products increase in the intensity of their fragrance and aroma:

• The MTW filters enable the treatment of musts, wines, and vinegars undergoing clarification and containing bentonite, PVPP and carbon.
• Spiral membranes, with a filtering grade in the range of 0.12 1 µ, are suitable for clarifying musts, wines and vinegars.
• They can filter products with a maximum turbidity at the inlet of 4000 NTU, guaranteeing a turbidity at the outlet of less than 1 NTU.
• They can be made for manual, semiautomatic or automatic usage.
• The systems are always easy to use, and none of the models need the constant presence of an operator because they are all fully equipped with safety and control devices, even the manually operated versions.
• They are made of AISI 304 or 316L stainless steel, while the linings and seals are made of Viton – Silicone.
• They come in models starting from 2 and up to 36 filter modules.