Della Toffola Pacific in New Zealand

For the future of winemaking.

The new VinLink plant at the Riverlands Industrial Estate, to the south of Blenheim in New Zealand, will be operational in time for the 2013 grape harvest. VinLink is thus confirmed as one of the greatest winemaking businesses in and around Marlborough, one of New Zealand’s main winemaking areas.

Della Toffola has supplied the whole grape crushing and pressing system comprising six collection tanks, three NDC 100 crushers, 3 PEC 200 and 3 PEC 240 presses, as well as a complete refrigeration system for the wine’s thermocooling treatment. This is a very large-scale plant with an initial production capacity of 100 tons of grapes per hour, designed to cope with the whole of the predicted grape harvest in 2013, which is estimated at 13,000 tons. This is a great result for Della Toffola: the company has worked alongside VinLink at every stage of design and construction, also with a view to a subsequent expansion of the plant (already planned) that will increase its production capacity to 3,000 tons a day.