Della Toffola Pacific – “DT Masters” 2014

Following the inaugural “DT Masters” last year in South Australia, this year Della Toffola Pacific organised the Victorian iteration of this annual event. With the glorious summer sun out in force, matched with the outstanding scenery at the Heritage Golf and Country Club, a fantastic day out was had with some of Victoria’s best winemakers and wine industry characters. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that attended, and for taking part in this unique, historical event. Here’s a few of the highlights…

David Thompson – Cheviot Group, Rob Dolan – Rob Dolan Wines, Adrian Santolin – Rob Dolan Wines, Tim Holmes – Rob Dolan Wines, Simon Fennell – Bests Great Western, Anthony Jones – Bests Great Western, Rory Lane – The Story Wines, Willy Lunn – Yering Station, Brendan Hawker – Yering Station, Tom Hill – Punt Rd Wines, Adam Keath – Domaine Chandon, Shaun Bryant – McPherson Wines, Colin Tebbs – Tahbilk, Sarah Crowe – Yarra Yering, Franco D’Anna – Hoddles Creek, Dominic Valentine – Oakridge, Sean O’Brien – Barrique/Patch Wines, Blair Hanel – Della Toffola Pacific, Paul Baggio – Della Toffola Pacific, Wayne Stone – Della Toffola Pacific, Justin Vere Flint – Della Toffola Pacific, Ray Bryant – Della Toffola Pacific, Roberto Cea – Della Toffola Pacific, Liam Amos – Australian & New Zealand Winemakers, Josephine Horn – Australian & New Zealand Winemakers