Central Membrane Press Provides Quality Wine Production

Franck Lambert, longtime winemaker at Stama Winery in Lodi, has been using Della Toffola grape receiving equipment and their pneumatic press with central membrane technology for several years. He likes their central membrane design, it’s as simple as that. Lambert notes. “With the membrane in the middle, it needs less pressure to press the whole thing when compared with those that have it {membrane} on the side.” Lambert explains that using less pressure (a maximum of 1.6 bar) means it’s softer on all the grapes/berries and there is less extraction of skins, or pulp, which he believes delivers a better juice.”














“Lambert likes that they have a proven track record, and have all the kinks worked out. “They’ve been through years of trials, and thousands of tons of processing, so they benefit from that experience and it shows in their equipment.”

Article first appeared in Wine Industry Advisor – Read more HERE