Asian markets demand clean ‘residue free’ winemaking

Export markets as China and Japan each view clean winemaking practices with a very high premium. Wines where residues, potential smoke and fume taints and agri-chems present in wines being able to be treated by a process technology as Biothermo provides a huge advantage for any wine in any potential market.

The Della Toffola Biothermo technology is widely used in the Californian wine industry producing very impressive wines with many Biothermo wines winning leading wine awards these last seasons. Yet what has been interesting is the use of Flash thermo technology to remove many toxins that are introduced in the vineyard. Experience from California has identified the Della Toffola technology as being able to remove exhaust tractor fumes from grapes situated on main road highways. The waste extract which is a byproduct of flash cooling has picked up many such toxins from the normal process, identifying in California that the Della Toffola Biothermo is a far more radical vinification tool than has previously been recognized.

Much work is being done in New Zealand and Australia with white wine vinification. The Della Toffola Biothermo is a very evolved technology from the old school flash détente applied back in the days of treating marginalized fruit in France! Being able to control target temperatures to within 1c-2c, and being built to exchange heat and cooling, making the technology very energy efficient within wineries are just some of the more modern advantages Biothermo technology delivers.

Please review the attached ASVO presentation. Thermo vinification for the modern winemaking world is offering different winemakers different advantages. New Winery developments in Spain and Italy are providing new efficient design for large scale wineries. The ability to achieve greater colour extraction, more stable colour, more intensive balanced flavors, and richness of flavor offers unlimited winemaking possibilities. Consider red wine vinification as per white wine process! Vinifying red grapes as per the standard white wine process using flat base tank infrastructure would save significant money in any winery build. The handling of red marc in large winery operations no longer has to be a labour intensive exercise. Red vinification would certainly be more simple for oak additions for example least not talk about the far higher yields the technology delivers.

The advantages of using Della Toffola Biothermo vinification are many. But with the latest wine sales growth coming predominantly from Asia, where the demand for our wines are growing because we and our wines are perceived as ‘pure’ and ‘organic’ and produced in a healthy ecology should raise questions as to what investments the wine industry should be making so as to ‘quarantine’ against any risk of compromise to that perception.

If you would like more information as to Della Toffola Biothermo technology please contact Paul Baggio on 0412 251 975