High-solids cross-flow filters with ceramic membranes.

Della Toffola Group will be presenting its new CFKF Series ceramic membrane crossflow filters at the 2013 SIMEI Show. Already widely adopted during traditional filtration thanks to their strength, durability, reliability, and sanitization capacity, ceramic membranes are now being applied  more and more in lees separating filters as well.

The need to filter these products and recover as much product as possible has been assuming greater and greater importance, especially when the product processed vaunts high value. These new filter models are the only ones capable of achieving a final concentration of more than 90%.

CFKF Series filters are designed and constructed to efficiently process  lees from grape must, cider, floatation caps, and other beverages. In particular regard to winemaking, they permit the filtration of:

• Grape lees after fermentation

• Grape lees after clarification

• Clarified wines

• Non-clarified wines

The use of ceramic membranes overcomes practically every difficulty that arises during lees filtration while constantly ensuring unequalled product recovery.

Caption: the CFKF 50 Series crossflow filter complete with SRB rotating screener.